Table 2. Demographic and Pregnancy Data of Subject Groups

ParameterNonpregnantNormal PregnantPreeclampsia
Data are presented as mean±SD or median [IQR] as appropriate, except for proteinuria: (median (min, max) and parity and Caesarean sections (No. (percentage)).
*P<0.05 between nonpregnant and both pregnancy groups;
P<0.05 between normal and preeclamptic pregnancies.
Maternal age, y30±10.229±6.832±5.8
Primipara, n (%)16 (59.3)17 (68)
Booking body mass index, kg/m222.7±4.8*26.6±5.827.3±5.6
Max. systolic blood pressure outside labor, mm Hg116±4.3159±8.8
Max. diastolic blood pressure outside labor, mm Hg76±2.898±4.9
Proteinuria, g/L1.0 (0.3, 11.5)
Gestation age at delivery, wks40±1.136.4±3.8
Caesarean section, n (%)4 (15)11 (44)
Birthweight, kg3.55 [3.25, 3.86]2.92 [1.92, 3.51]
Birthweight centile45 [23, 67]35 [2, 87]
Placental/birthweight ratio1.9±0.32.3±1.1