Table 1.

Body Mass, Composition, and Kidney Weights of Lean and Obese Young Adult Sheep

MeasurementLean Female (n=7)Obese Female (n=9)Lean Male (n=11)Obese Male (n=9)Effect of Sex
Body weight, kg49.5±1.061.6±2.1*56.4±2.583.8±1.8*O
Total fat mass, kg3.85±0.488.11±0.74*3.61±0.449.67±0.88*NS
Relative fat mass, %8.4±1.114.3±1.3*6.8±0.712.9±1.1*NS
Lean mass, kg39.27±0.8744.03±1.2249.09±1.8962.41±1.30O
Ratio of lean: fat mass, kg11.40±1.595.83±0.57†15.31±1.626.93±0.67NS
Kidney weight, g118±9117±5111±5144±5*O
Relative kidney weight, g/kg2.4±0.21.9±0.12.0±0.11.7±0.1†NS
  • O indicates effect of sex between obese groups where P<0.005; NS, no significant difference.

  • Values are mean±SEM.

  • Effect of obesity: *P<0.01; †P<0.05.