Table 2.

Glomerular Staining (%) of Caspase-3, PCNA, TBARS, and Collagen Index Measurements in the Kidneys of Young Adult Sheep

MeasurementLean Female (n=7)Obese Female (n=9)Lean Male (n=11)Obese Male (n=9)Effect of Sex
Glomerular Caspase-3, %9.07±1.648.55±3.0618.21±3.82*5.72±1.58*NS
Glomerular PCNA, %20.21±2.9614.21±1.8616.41±2.3417.23±2.41NS
TBARS (MDA [µmol/L]/protein [µg/mL])1.13±0.060.99±0.081.02±0.091.17±0.13NS
Collagen index2.98±0.262.61±0.252.92±0.132.45±0.13NS
  • PCNA indicates proliferating cell nuclear antigen; TBARS, thiobarbituric acid reactive substances; NS, no significant difference; MDA, malondialdehyde.

  • Values are mean±SEM.

  • Effect of obesity: *P<0.05.