Table 1.

Novel Genome-Wide Significant Signals of Association

Variant ID (Noncoded/Coded Allele), Chr:Position, Nearest Gene(s) (Type*)CAFResults for Most Significant TraitStage 1+Stage 2 Meta-Analysis P Values for All Traits
Stage 1Stage 2Stage 1+Stage 2
Beta (SE)P ValueNeffBeta (SE)P ValueNeffBeta (SE)P ValueNeffSBPDBPPP
rs1048238 (C/T), 1:16341649, HSPB7 (3′UTR)0.5710.366 (0.074)8.09E-07140299NANANANANANANANANA
rs848309 (proxy) (T/C), 1:163084470.5670.347 (0.072)1.70E-061467550.347 (0.071)9.10E-071404620.347 (0.051)7.07E-122872177.07E-121.07E-105.48E-06
rs185819 (T/C), 6:32,050,067, TNXB (ns)0.5130.534 (0.073)1.93E-131423970.277 (0.053)1.49E-072217480.365 (0.043)1.04E-173641441.04E-172.24E-118.50E-15
rs6557876 (C/T), 8:25,900,675, EBF20.252−0.411 (0.084)8.50E-07143653−0.350 (0.060)5.66E-09225803−0.371 (0.049)2.85E-143694572.85E-142.50E-101.51E-08
rs35783704 (G/A), 8:105,966,258, LRP12/ZFPM20.109−0.609 (0.121)4.96E-07133924−0.310 (0.089)4.78E-04215528−0.414 (0.072)7.08E-093494527.08E-091.60E-062.92E-07
rs73099903 (C/T), 12:53,440,779, LOC2833350.0740.768 (0.143)8.05E-081360640.396 (0.098)5.32E-052072530.515 (0.081)1.95E-103433181.95E-104.53E-065.46E-08
rs8904 (G/A), 14:35,871,217, NFKBIA (3′UTR)0.3750.377 (0.076)6.76E-071404240.278 (0.054)2.31E-072247710.311 (0.044)1.31E-123651951.31E-121.13E-043.44E-12
rs57927100 (C/G), 17:75,317,300, SEPT90.258−0.489 (0.086)1.10E-08136624−0.220 (0.061)3.12E-04210563−0.310 (0.050)4.04E-103471884.04E-101.16E-101.81E-05
rs9710247 (A/G), 19:40,760,449, AKT20.4470.252 (0.051)8.11E-071096950.129 (0.032)5.76E-051983320.164 (0.027)1.61E-093080283.82E-021.61E-095.03E-01
  • Results from stage 1 and stage 2, and the meta-analysis of stage 1 and stage 2, for all novel genome-wide significant signals of association. P values of association for all 3 traits from a meta-analysis of stages 1 and 2 are also presented. Results from proxy SNPs are indicated by (proxy); rs848309 was a proxy SNP for rs1048238, and rs10926988 was a proxy SNP for chr1:243458005:INDEL. CAF indicates coded allele frequency; DBP, diastolic blood pressure; Neff, effective sample size; ns, nonsynonymous; PP, pulse pressure; s, synonymous; SBP, systolic blood pressure; and UTR, untranslated region.

  • * For intragenic variants, the nearest genes are listed; all other variants are intronic unless indicated otherwise.

  • Novel signal at previously reported locus.

  • Genome-wide significant P values (P<5×10−8).